Just the opposite.  It seems counter intuitive but use of facial oil will reduce  oil production and  regulate  your skin’s natural sebum leading to prevention, reduction, and even completely eliminating, acne breakouts. Using facial oil pulls dirt and old oils out from pores, making them look smaller.

Oils to Avoid
A lot of people use coconut oil as a body moisturizer. Here are some facts you should know

First it is important to understand what is a comedogenic rating; In the simplest terms, a comedogenic rating is a scale from 0-5 that tells you the likelihood of an ingredient clogging your pores. A rating of zero means that an ingredient will not clog your pores. … And a rating of 5 means that an ingredient will definitely clog your pores.

This may come as a surprise but everyone’s favorite Coconut Oil, has a comedogenic rating of 4!

This oil is a favorite among many for its amazing health promoting and beautifying properties only for those who tolerate it well. Coconut oil is rather heavy and has a slow absorption rate. Unless you want to risk breaking out and standing around awhile before getting dressed steer clear.

Many moisturizers also contain Palm Kernel oil. Here are some facts you should know.

Palm Kernel Oil also has a comedogenic rating of 4 and is used in many body oils and moisturizers. Its texture and absorption is similar to coconut oil but will make most skin types break out.

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