Fresh Start, Fresh Face

2021—we’ve arrived. There’s no doubt we’re all ready for a fresh start. There’s something magical about the start of a new year and we’ll take all the magic we can get right now. If you’re like us, all of this change has also likely changed the focus of your resolutions. So, this year we’re ditching the page long list of resolutions and replacing it with a simple list of easy, good-for-you goals. Wellness is our goal this year—starting with our skin!  


Masks have made their way to 2021 but maskne has to go. Now is the time to ditch the maskne for good! The frequent mask wearing can cause a number of skin issues including:

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Acne
  • Clogged pores
  • Chaffed skin

Keeping your mask clean is as important as keeping your face clean to avoid skin issues caused by mask-wearing. Change your mask daily—just like you would your undergarments! If you only have one mask, pop it in the washer daily or hand wash it. Another simple tip: keep your mouth clean. Brushing your teeth after a meal before putting your mask back on will help to avoid the bacteria from your mouth to get onto your mask… and then onto your face.

The Ditch Maskne for Good Skin Protocol

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Purify

Step 3: Hydrate

Karisma has the best way to heal and prevent maskne. After keeping your skin clean of course, the key is to purify and hydrate. That is exactly what our Quickie Honey Mask does in only 5 minutes. It’s gentle enough to be used every morning and evening. Leave it on overnight if you are experiencing maskne.  It contains organic clary sage which purifies and organic honey which hydrates and helps heal and prevent future breakouts. Follow our Quickie Honey Mask with Karisma Ultimate Face Oil. Since maskne can also be caused by friction caused by your face mask rubbing against dry skin, hydration is key. Not only does Ultimate Face Oil hydrate and prevent friction, it also diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, tightens and brightens, heals and helps prevent blemishes, quickly absorbs leaving skin luminous without an oily residue.


Mental health is definitely top of mind this year. As we continue to tread in uncertain times, keeping your mind heathy is key. The way we make meaning of circumstances and events is fundamental is in determining our stress levels and overall mental well-being. Here’s a way to help keep your mind balanced from the founders of the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, Keith Kurlander and Will Van Derveer:



A simple exercise that anyone can do is to make a list of the upsides of external stressors. Ask yourself the question, “What opportunities does this challenge present for me?”

Generate answers until you feel as if there are an equal number of upsides and downsides.


Extra Calming Tip: Aromatherapy has been proven to ease stress, anxiety and depression, and boost feelings of relaxation. Our Ultimate Face Oil is the perfect way to nourishing your skin—while boosting your mood with its lavender, frankincense and evening primrose oil. Rub a few drops in your hands and deeply inhale its aroma while practicing the mindfulness exercise above. 


Move your body! It may seem like more of a challenge to remain physically active while spending so much time indoors but it’s worth it. Even if you’re not able to keep track of a new fitness routine, staying moving with a simple walk about your neighborhood. If you live in cold climate, cleaning and organizing your home also makes for good physical activity. Take the stairs, park far on your grocery trips, give yourself a gardening project, do gentle yoga with your kids—whatever you decide, just keep moving./p>

The idea is to keep it simple. You have enough on your plate without adding a long list of things you want to change about yourself. Do what feels good. Do what makes you happy. And most importantly, don’t forget to love yourself while doing it!

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