It’s Time to Clean Up Your Skincare Routine and Go Non-Toxic

Is improving your skin health one of your 2021 goals? If you’re here, the answer must be yes! Cleaning up your skincare routine means finding clean, non-toxic, healthy skincare products that leave your skin stunning and glowing—plus, gives you a major confidence boost. Especially when you’re wearing a fresh face

Switching to clean beauty improves more than just your skin, it improves your overall health. Here’s are a few things to pay attention to when choosing your skincare:

Ingredients Matter

    Have you ever read the ingredients on your skincare bottle? Do you know what they all are? Probably not. Everyday beauty products contain an array of unhealthy chemicals and toxins. Parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde are just a few of the harsh ingredients are have be known linked to health issues. Clean is simple. Clean is natural. Clean is gentle—and effective!

    Replacing your unsafe chemical-filled skincare with a clean alternative with improve your skin health, and health in general. Karisma encourages you to read our labels! Our ingredients are pure, recognizable and effective. We have nothing to hide, we want to empower you to know exactly what is in our products and the results you will receive.

    Read more about why clean beauty matters to us.

    Packaging Matters

      You think you’ve found the skincare of your dreams only to realize it’s embedded in microplastics. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic. These tiny pieces of plastic can be found in many places: plastic bags, bottles and other products. Plastic bottles can leach toxic chemicals into your skincare products. Even the purest skincare products if packaged in plastic can fall victim to chemicals leached from their plastic containers. This means that harmful chemicals enter the product and then are applied directly to your skin. Given that the skin absorbs products just as if they were food eaten and absorbed in the body it is critical to educate yourself on the impact plastic skincare packaging can have on your health even if the product is considered “clean.” Karisma Skincare intentionally choose glass containers for our products not only because we value the integrity of our products, but we also value the health of Karisma customers and our obligation to protect the environment. Clean products in clean packaging – your conscious, healthy and pure beauty will shine through!

      Consistency Matters

        The start of a new skincare regimen is exciting! You share with your friends that you’re starting an amazing, new clean skincare regimen and your expectations for the results keeps you on your toes. Your commitment is unwavering every morning and every night because your skin feels soft and hydrated—which is great, but don’t forget that the big changes require consistency. Don’t fall off once the excitement fades. Skin issues like dark spots, fine fines and uneven skin tone take longer to improve. Many experts recommend at least four to six weeks of consistency for skin cells to turnover, while some recommend three months before seeing a change. We encourage you to stay the clean path, it’s so worth it! Just ask our Karisma users.

        Beauty Reminder: Clean sunscreen is the foundation of a non-toxic skincare regime. Read our guide to protecting your skin for some of our favorite clean sunscreen brands.

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