KEEPING YOUR KARISMA: Stress-Proofing Your Skin

Needless to say, our days have become more and more stressful. Somedays navigating this new normal doesn’t seem so bad and other days the current state of our world is just too much to bear. Stress manifests differently for everyone, but if you’re like us, the first area to suffer is our skin. When stress flares up, cortisol levels rise causing inflammation. This can show up as breakouts, dry patches or just overall tired-looking skin.

This is where we step in! We’ve rounded up a few ways to Keep Your Karisma during a pandemic. Just think of it as a stress-proof guide for your skin.


You might have already done away with getting dressed for the day and honestly, we don’t blame you—as long as you haven’t stopped washing your face. Clean skin is happy skin! You don’t want the impurities your stress is causing to just sit on your face. It’s very important you don’t use a harsh cleanser at this time as it might increase skin aggravation. This means no chemicals or parabens! A gentle cleanser with antioxidants will fight skin damage and promote healing. Our Deep Cleansing Facial Oil will gently clean your skin without stripping or damaging your skin. Remember, gentle and hydrating is what your stressed skin needs right now.


Add warm water with lemon to your morning ritual. Fresh lemon juice is a potent source of vitamin C. Studies have shown that lemon juice scavenges free radicals and combats oxidative stress (1). Exactly the kind of protection your skin needs right now. In addition, the vitamin C found in lemon is known for promoting collagen formation. Combine the lemon water with deep breathing every morning, and you’ve got a winning combo.

BONUS: Vitamin C intake has also been linked to a lower risk of repository and systemic infections. (2) A major essential right now!


Masking is a skincare favorite. Just like your face cleanser, it’s important that your mask be gentle and toxic free. Ideally you want a mask full of antioxidants and bioflavonoids to help clear and calm inflammation. Our lightweight organic and natural Quick-Honey Mask is perfect for helping to calm any stress induced breakouts or redness you might be experiencing. Plus, it feels and smells amazing! Get-glowing while reading or watching your favorite show—or while chasing your kids around the house. 


  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours every night
  • Exercise
  • Drink lots of water
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Practice gratitude


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