Washing your face, the infamous first step of your skincare regime. If you’re honest, it’s the not the most exciting part of the skincare routine so you don’t give it much thought. But we’re here to change that! All face wash is not created equal and here’s why you should double down.

Your skin goes through a lot each day—sweat, make-up, pollution, oil, dirt, dead skin… the list goes on. This is why the double cleanse method is twice as nice and NECESSARY. The first cleanse gets rid of makeup, dirt and grime to give you a clean canvas to work with. The second cleanse works on tackling your skin concerns and promoting healthy skin. Applying your products on truly clean skin will help the skincare ingredients penetrate more deeply and work more effectively.


The double cleanse phenomenon is said to have originated as far back as the fourteenth century in Japan, Korea and China. One Vogue article states, “In Japan, double-cleansing was born of necessity, as cleansing oils were the only means of removing the white paint-like base that women traditionally wore as a sign of beauty; they followed with a foaming cleanser to refresh the skin and remove oil residue.” Historical texts reference Korean women using plant-derived oils both to smooth on face powders—creating their own sort of oil-based foundations—and to remove them from the skin. Rice water, or ground mung beans, were then applied to flush out underlying impurities. 


Step 1: Use an oil-based cleanser like our Deep Cleansing Facial Oil. This all-in-one cleanser will gently remove makeup and deeply cleanse without damaging-or-stripping the skin barrier. The active ingredients help prevent breakouts, redness and are packed with powerful antioxidants that fight skin damage and promote healing. This first step will ensure your skin is truly clean before moving onto the rest of your skincare regime.

Step 2: Use an antioxidant packed cleanser like our Face Polish. This complete face polish exfoliates, removes dead skin, cleans out blackheads, treats and prevents blemishes and removes stubborn grime like sunscreen without drying or damaging skin. We use Jojoba bead esters (no dirty microplastics here!) to gently exfoliate, and rich avocado oil to intensely-moisturize, giving your freshly polished face a youthful radiance. 

(Right now, you can double cleanse Karisma style for a special price with our Sun-Kissed Glow Double Cleanse Bundle)

SKIN TIP : If you’re in a rush, combine one pump of cleanser 1 and one pump of cleanser 2. 

Use our products or some of your other favorites. This point is, no matter which products you use, double cleansing is a must. Karisma is all about feeling clean and confident in your own skin!

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