Karisma Supports Girl Powerful


Girl Powerful® is a youth empowerment nonprofit designed to give tween and teen girls social and emotional learning tools to build a strong sense of self. Girl Powerful’s mission is to give girls mental health tools to build self-esteem by mentorship that makes them feel seen, heard and valued.  


I have a teenage daughter who from 6th grade on faced enormous challenges navigating the social and emotional pressures that arose inside and outside of school.  Discovering Girl Powerful was life-changing for us. I experienced first-hand how their core values align with what Karisma’s… confidence is the new beautiful. Knowing who you are, your boundaries and how to navigate the world builds confidence and empowerment. That self-love and acceptance is the foundation needed to navigate one’s entire life. I only wish that an organization like Girl Powerful existed when I struggled through my pre-teen and teenage years.

Pre-teen and teenage girls are especially vulnerable facing the pressure of “fitting in”, and navigating and understanding social media pressure and perception. Most girls at this age will not turn to their parents for help nor admit they are struggling.

That is where Girl Powerful shines, creating a safe space for vulnerability, honesty and vital guidance during this most difficult time. Here are just some of the many issues Girl Powerful addresses and why Karisma is a proud partner supporting their crucial efforts.


Even the most self-assured person struggles with acceptance from time to time. However, teens have it especially hard, due to their lack of maturity and perspective. Girl Powerful helps teens feel accepted by providing them with unwavering love and guidance—no matter what.


Learning the tools to lead a healthy life. With self-care knowledge from skincare to movement to meditation, a girl can find rituals that help her self-soothe and control her emotions. With social and emotional tools a girl can prevent extra stress by knowing how to navigate life’s challenges keeping her body, mind and soul healthy therefore keeping her inner power.


Perhaps more than ever before, teens are battling depression and anxiety. Girl Powerful helps teens navigate the pretense and pitfalls of school pressure and social media which are the root of most cases.


The ability to hide behind social media makes cyber-bullying in addition to face-to-face bullying more prevalent than ever. Girl Powerful teaches teens how to maintain healthy boundaries, identify and remove themselves from any friend group or others in which they find themselves bullied.


Teens today struggle with trust issues. Many of them don’t feel like they can turn to their parents for advice, which leaves them extremely vulnerable. Girl Powerful creates a safe space without judgment so teens can open up and receive accurate information and guidance. They are trustworthy mentors for this very important struggle that teens face.
Girl Powerful enables pre-teens and teens to shine from the inside out, learn who they truly are and fully embrace their power to navigate the world. Now THAT’S Karisma!