Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating superior, clean, non-toxic, high performance luxury skincare products with integrity and 100% transparency that transform your skin by using only the highest quality ingredients that WORK - so you can feel more beautiful and confident in your own skin.


I know a thing or two about having problem and sun damaged skin. I grew up a competitive swimmer and all around sun worshipping Southern California girl. When I wasn’t in the pool, I was at the beach – no sunscreen, frying my skin with oil - I didn’t deserve beautiful skin.

Next came my unhealthy years working night and day as a hungry, driven attorney. I looked and felt awful, not taking care of myself – I didn’t have time. I was dying by fluorescent light. My lifestyle was toxic to my soul and my skin told the story.

Today I still work hard, I still prefer the outdoors to the gym – ocean swimming, trail running and hiking, pushing my body, feeling healthy and strong - but I’ve learned how to take care of myself and my skin in the process. Living in Malibu, California I face year round intense sun, salt water, dryness, harsh winds, heat – you name it. My skin is constantly dehydrated and in need of healing and nourishing.

However, finding products that are high quality, clean and actually do what they promise, has proven beyond frustrating and eye-opening - let me just say I will never buy a big name brand again.

"I believe in making skin look beautiful, not for vanity, but for confidence..."


Fed up with buying high priced products only to discover they were toxic and ineffective, I decided to make my own - this is how Karisma Skincare was born.

Feeling confident and beautiful in my own skin has been a long time coming, but let me tell you I finally got there and Karisma High Performance Clean Skincare products are a result of my journey. In the pursuit of helping myself and others achieve flawless, healthy and youthful glowing skin, I have spent long hours and late nights dedicated to the science of masterfully perfecting formulas. I make non-toxic, clean products without harsh chemicals. I use ingredients that nourish, heal, repair and renew – actually bringing back skin’s youth.

I believe in 100% transparency and have rebelliously pushed the envelope of the industry, my team, and myself - rigorously scrutinizing every single ingredient to ensure the highest standard of clean, non-toxic, results-driven products that WORK.

The whole process has been a labor of love and deep commitment. Karisma is not just a Skincare company - it is a personal mission to make sure we all feel beautiful and confident in our own skin.

Lisa Mazzarella